Dear Bookworms,

This post is for you.

With you,



Sincerely, I did not ever consider myself a bookworm.  Perhaps it was because I thought that bookworms were those who read 100 books a year.  Ok, I am exaggerating.  But really, I take my time devouring a book.  I am excluding the summer of ’07 when the seventh book in the Harry Potter series came out.  I am really not sure what I did for those couple weeks other than read.  Did I shower?? Maybe I am just one of those  chunky slow bookworms.  You know the kind that pauses to roll her eyes at the great taste of page 264.  Or perhaps it is the variety I like…all at one time.  To each his own reading adventures, right?

Whatever you like to peruse (or gobble) through, I am making some summer halftime suggestions from books I am reading or will soon begin to munch on. So if you are looking to add something to your shelf or pack in the pool bag, check out this quick video I made for you. (Its my first one going on the interweb, so thanks for the grace!)