Why the well?!

A few years ago a particular well caught my attention.  The name of this well was Rehoboth, which in Hebrew means room or space. It was not the easiest of wells to be built.  Actually, I’ll let the story speak for it self…

The story of Rehoboth:

Isaac went out from the Philistines.  He uncovered the wells his father dug that the Philistines in jealousy had stopped up.  Isaac dug a new well and found fresh water, however the people of the land quarreled over it.  So he left that place, and dug another well.  Yet this one too was fought over by the people of the land who claimed they had the right to the well.  From there he moved on “and dug another well, and no one quarreled over it. He named it Rehoboth, saying, ‘Now the Lord has given us room and we will flourish in the land.’”

Watt is a nickname I was once called by.  To me it denotes a supercharged life.  Just like a particular wattage causes a light bulb to fill a room with light.  This life we live is anything but natural.  When we plug into the source it becomes radiantly supernatural.

This blog is space for us to be authentic.  It is room to encourage us to create.  In sharing insights and new ideas  from my journey, I hope you will be encouraged to share, create, and abundantly live through your own supercharged journey.

May this virtual meeting place inspire, encourage, and spark ideas for your space, the place where you truly are you.  May your soul flourish in all you do.


Meet Lauren

I am on the fringes of a new decade only from a numbers stand point.  My heart however does not typically follow the numerical standard we call age.  It is ever learning to revert to child like faith and trust.

I am a graduate of Bible college.  This is where my life changed forever, not because of the curriculum but the experiences I had.  After some years away from the academic scene, I  recently was baptized back into the world of academia.  I am currently pursuing my Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

I worked several years for the big coffee chain in America.  You know, the one that probably has more influence than majority of politicians. Its enticing green awnings, over-priced lattes, and its siren’s call makes it america’s must have cup of joe.  The work forever changed me.  It was where I learned to 1 Cor. 13-love, make mistakes, lead others, and be fully myself.  Some days working there was more revelatory than a church meeting.

In college, I was utterly ruined by community within a house church I was a part of.  And it awoke a beautiful beast in me that I would never wish to be back asleep.  I now quaintly find myself in the four walled church, yet am not content with excusing the more.  I stand and lean into the tension of “we are enough” and “there is more”.  Religion is to feed the orphans and widows.  Relationship is connection from which life flows.

I am an artist, without permission from the world around.  I maintain my studies and my local day job as well.  I love vibrant color, messy art, coffee, conversations (over coffee of course), and afternoon tea.   I enjoy surfing, outdoor adventuring, coastal living, and cozy reading.  I am also a daughter, a sister to brothers, a dreamer, and a child uniquely designed by the King of the Universe.

I am excited for you to link up here.  And I truly look forward to getting to know your story as well.